An Evening at the Beach with the Bauer Family

During my trip to Delaware with my bestie in September, we got the chance to spend the evening at the beach with some of her cousins where we enjoyed pizza, had some fun in the sand, and definitely  shared some good laughs. This family was absolutely precious. Noah and Leah Claire have two of the coolest, sweetest, most genuine people as parents. I was told before the session that Noah was usually pretty nervous in front of the camera, but something in him shined through during the session at the beach and the sweet boy had the best time playing and just being a kid in front of the camera. I think that's what these kinds of sessions do for kids - it shakes the anxiousness and timidness and lets them be themselves in front of the camera. Lifestyle sessions are so much more than just time spent photographing your family. They're purposeful hours where we get to peek into those everyday moments that are so wonderfully and beautifully made. The best part about the Bauer's session is that we didn't pose anything at all and I think that's what made me fall in love with these photos so much!

Special thank you to Avicia for taking me on an awesome girls trip! And also shout out to Khara and Ben for having us for an evening on the beach! It was all so lovely.