An At-Home Session with Artist, Haley

Hello, everyone! Is this thing still on? It's been a minute since I've written. We've been working on some branding development projects (ahh, SO excited to get this part of my biz up on the website!!), an upcoming styled shoot, making some fun updates to the website, and life in general (y'know, watching every episode of The Office for the fourth time). I've been taking breaks to allow myself to recharge after every session I've been doing and I think it has been so refreshing for my creativity. I'm taking my time with the shots and the editing and it's gotten me back to where I feel like I left off. Some new, creative projects came from it and led me to this point.

I've been wanting to photograph an artist working for my portfolio. I follow several on social media and also know a few and have always appreciated the time, effort, and execution they devote to each piece. Haley and I officially met at a mutual friend's bridal shower last summer. It was then that I asked if I could photograph her sometime - and so, a couple weeks ago, this project ensued. For starters, Haley is a wonderful human being. And her home is vibrant with warmth, the Beatle's music, and all-around good energy. Haley dove right into this gorgeous, colorful, large piece and I loved watching her shade the clouds from a bright white to a moody-storm blue, plant trees at the foot of the mountains, and darken the shadows. We talked about her other pieces of work - her methods and working with different mediums. After I left, I felt refreshed and oh, so thankful for artistic people like Haley. We as artists have such a privilege of seeing the world differently and so I'll leave you with the quote from her chalkboard:

"I found it is the small, everyday needs of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay . . . Small acts of kindness and love." - Gandalf the Gray



You can follow Haley's work and keep up with her recent happenings on Instagram.