Jacobson Park Engagement & Why You Should Have an Engagement Session | Madison and Brent

I have had the absolute joy of knowing both Madison and Brent for many years. Madison and I met in kindergarten way back in the day. I distinctly remember loving her Winnie the Pooh tennis shoes from the day she joined our classroom. From then, we've remained great friends and have become closer than ever over the years. Madison and Brent began dating senior year of high school and have been together since! Brent popped the question one cold, snowy, winter day at their college, Western Kentucky University, asking her to spend the rest of their lives together. (Ah, love!!)

Fast forward a little while and the two of them are in full-on wedding planning mode. At first, Madison and Brent weren't sure about doing an engagement session. I get it; loving & kissing on your fiancé may seem a little weird to do in front of a camera, but here are THREE big reasons to I think every engaged couple should have an engagement session:

  1. You get to practice working with a photographer. And if you planned it, your wedding photographer. Seeing how both the couple and the photographer work together with a camera present can make ALL the difference come wedding day. I've shot with couples before who opted out of an engagement session with me, and I feel like had they done an engagement session & gotten the practice, they would've been more prepared for portraits on their wedding day.
  2. You get to get all dressed up! Umm, how many times do you get dressed up anyways? When I was a young girl, I thought adults dressed up all the time for any occasion. My parents went to events, ceremonies, and banquets and I thought adulthood was all about dressing your best. Ha, wrong! I always tell my couples to amp their outfits up a little bit; beyond what they're used to wearing to dinner or to work. It's fun to get dressed up together, get your hair or makeup done, and photograph it for your engagement photos!
  3. You can make it a date night. After the session, my couples are pretty ready to eat. I always tell my brides (and grooms) to prepare a date night for the two of them after the session! It's a great way to mull over the amazingness that was your engagement session together and continue all the fuzzy warm, sweet, loving vibes throughout the rest of the night!

You're only going to get engaged once, so you might as well do all of 'the engagement things' once! I think you all are going to love how Madison and Brent's relaxed, fun, sunset session turned out. We started our night by getting Crank + Boom ice cream to fuel up for the session and then headed out to Jacobson Park for all the cozy, romantic vibes.