Awaiting Piper Leigh

I just love maternity sessions! Seeing a mom and dad to-be snuggle up for the afternoon and photographing that love is just the sweetest thing. This one is extra special, because it’s one of my gal pals from high school! Brooke and Clint just celebrated…

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Parker's Birth Story

Going into this delivery, I was completely blind. I had never photographed a live childbirth nor had ever seen one in real life and, oh my goodness, was I in for an amazing experience!

Courtney gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Saturday, July 23rd at 10:01am with her sweet husband, Ryan, at her side. The wonderful midwife, doctors, and nurses who helped mama with a smooth delivery deserve all the praises and high-fives for doing their jobs so well and wonderfully. Soon after Courtney gave birth, the room was flooded with hugs, love, and pure joy as family members and close friends trickled in to meet baby Parker for the first time.

I don't think I have ever experienced something so wonderful and so mesmerizing in my life. Not only did I bawl like a baby (no pun intended) through the whole thing, but my heart felt overwhelmed with joy for these precious parents. Being present as this precious baby was brought into the world was an honor and a joy to photograph. Thank you so much, Courtney and Ryan, for entrusting me with this incredible opportunity. I absolutely look forward to capturing more births in the future!