The Rollins Family

This industry has brought me close with people from all around. Erin was our engagement photographer back in 2013. Since Max and I adored working with her and her fun spirit at our engagement session, we hired...

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The Eckman Family

I have been absolutely blessed to know this family for almost as long as I can remember. I've always looked up to Danielle as a sister and a good friend since the day we met. She's one of the most incredible people I've ever met who has a passion and love for both her family and friends. When she and husband, Shane, asked me to do their family pictures downtown, I knew we were bound to have a great time. We walked the streets of downtown Lexington to scout some of the most unique and fun locations before we hiked to the top of a parking structure to snap some of the coolest urban family photos. EVER. To wrap it up, the boys splashed in the puddles from the storm earlier that day before heading to get ice cream at Graeter's. I have literally know both of these boys since birth and have gotten to see them grow, change, and develop their hilarious, little personalities. These boys are big 'ol goofballs but SUCH a blast to be around! I adore this family and their love for one another, their city, and making their joyous mark on this world.