With the ever-growing fast pace of social media and online presence, it’s important that your content carries your message. I offer a multitude of services for the bloggers, the influencers, the designers, the dreamers, and the do-ers of this world. Let’s create something together that shows off your brand in unison with your voice!

take a glance at what i offer:

WEBSITE CONTENT // Logan of Plant + Prune wanted photos for her website launch that captured her business in a way that incorporated her love for scripture, being at home, oils, + plants.

HEADSHOTS // Audrey Lee needed some headshots before her big move to Las Vegas and an exciting career opportunity. We used her previous city as a backdrop for these photos as an exciting announcement.

SHOW OFF YOUR CRAFT // West Domestic had me over to photograph the weaving of a blanket multiple days. We focused on showing off the details + her in action doing what she loves.

PHOTOGRAPH YOUR PROJECT // Miller Team Renovations utilizes photography to both keep up to date with their social media and to use on their blog.

SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS // Inform your followers of your talent and craft with photos that are cohesive. Highbrow Artistry wanted photos that showed off her studio, are visuals of what she does, + informs her followers.

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY // I love working with local shop owners + curators to showcase their products in a way that captures the details, expresses their brand, + shows customers relativity.


Bloggers love to stay up to date! When shooting for your blog, we will work together to cohesively showcase your blogging brand, your style, your expression, and ultimately, what makes you YOU! From shooting multiple outfits a day, to shooting one fun styled shoot, our time together is nothing less than fun, creative, and uniquely yours.

videos, gifs, clickable gift guides, and more!